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September is here, and it’s the beginning of a new academic year. If you’re off to University for the first time your head is going to be full of all the things you need to pack and bring with you, ranging from books, to bedding, to every pair of shoes you own.

We’ve done you a favour though, and put together a list of ten things you NEED to get through your first year of university that you might not have even thought of, and they all cost under £10!

Just trust us on number 7 and number 9.

1. A screen protector for your smart phone

You can get a whole host of different types for a range of different prices, take a look here. This purchase will save you so much money and aggravation down the line when you inevitably drop your phone during the many manic nights and days of your first week at university!

2. A pendrive

They start from £3.99 on Amazon. A pendrive sounds pretty simple but it's useful just to chuck it on your key ring and forget about it until you need to save some work and there's no wifi access (which trust us, happens a lot!).

3. HDMI cable

Again, another seemingly innocuous little purchase, but everyone is going to love you when you have the power to hook your laptop up to your flat's TV and provide the best viewing options ever for your housemates.

Just saying!

You can get one from Amazon for as little as £2.99.

4. External phone battery

This is a game changer. No more will you need to worry about running out of battery at the end of the night when you're trying to get your Uber organised, or have to sit through a full 9-5 day of lectures without having a little snapchat relief.

You can get these from loads of different places, and most start from about £9.99


5. Credit card protector

Call me paranoid, but with the invention of contactless payments we're all just a little bit more susceptible to fraud. Putting your cards in one of these in your wallet is simple enough, and it protects you from people scanning your wallet with a portable contactless payment device and stealing your all too precious student loan!

You can get these bad boys from £1.22

6. Keep cup

Life saver for the early morning lecture. Keeps your coffee (or tea, let's be honest) warmer for longer, plus it's just better for the environment.

They're also super afforable, starting for as little as £3.99.

7. 10 assorted pot noodles

You heard me.

These guys are going to be your saviours when you're pulling all night study stints and the refectory is closed, or when you come home from a night out and didn't have the £5 left to splurge on chips and cheese. A pot noodle always hits the spot.

They're £1 each at Tesco.

8. Colour catchers

Boring but true, these guys will save you money and grief. Chuck one of these in with your wash and you won't need to think about seperating different washes for whites, lights and darks. (Who has time for all that anyway?!) It will also mean that you don't have to keep shelling out to buy new white clothes because your old ones have gone decidedly grey.

Once again, not going to break the bank, as you can get them from as little as £2.

9. A case of beer

Potentially controversial, but all I can tell you is that the guy who turned up to our halls of residence on the first day with a case of Heineken had a really easy time getting to know people.

Take from that what you will.

All supermarkets do different beer deals at different times of the year. Keep an eye out. You can usually get a case for about £9 or £10..

10. Some really good apps

Getting some good versatile apps will make your university experience so much easier.

A few we find useful are...

Snap2PDF is an application that lets you take a photo of anything and convert it into a pdf file. lets you build complex to-do lists and is a really helpful organisation aid and task manager. It's great to use when you have loads of things to manage at once and need a little structure in your life.

Uber of course is the personal taxi hire game changer. If you don't have it already then download it. It's an affordable way to get around when public transport isn't an option. There's also a lift share facility now too which has made it EVEN cheaper.

OvalMoney University is all about learning new skills, and learning to live within a budget is one of them. Oval is a personal finance manager and helps you track your spending as well as make small, manageable savings on a daily basis. Don't start uni without it!