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Last week I made a pretty dire relationship decision: I decided to cook Italian food, for my Italian boyfriend. It was going to be spaghetti Bolognese, nice and simple. So I chopped some onions and some garlic along with a little celery (risky) and some carrots, and then fried them off in a pan along with some chopped chorizo for extra flavour, so far so good right? Wrong.

It was like the sky had fallen. My boyfriend isn’t a shouter, he doesn’t really have a temper, but my God it was like I’d just run over his mother. Spanish chorizo?! In Bolognese?! Why didn’t I just turn around and boil the Pope if I had such little respect?!

It’s funny now (not so much at the time), and after the fireworks had ended it was all a little bit late for a Bolognese, and there was no way I was cooking any other pasta based dish that night. So, what do you do with 500g of minced beef?

You make hamburgers. That’s what.


Personally the best kind of hamburger for me is the one you need two hands to pick up, with a napkin round your neck to catch all the spillage. Picking up one of these bad boys is an art form.


So, here are a few recipes with 5 ingredients or less to make the best burgers on the market!

1. Inside Out Bacon Cheeseburgers

These look amazing. They’re also really flexible. If you don’t have bacon in the fridge then you don’t need to use it – or you can add finely chopped fried onion instead. You can also throw in any cheese you have lying around, melted blue cheese tastes awesome with these.


2. Clean Eating Burger

If you’re all about simple flavours with your burgers then these are the ones for you. Just mince and a bit of seasoning finished off in a sweet potato, mushroom, or eggplant bun. If you’re not carb happy then these are great ways to sandwich your patty, if you don’t care then these burgers also taste great between a good old fashioned toasted bread bun.


3. Veggie Sliders

Ok I cheated on this one a bit because there are 7 ingredients, but I make these all the time and you need all 7 things! These are slightly more expensive because of the walnuts (they do not come cheap!), but the cost is offset against not having to buy the meat.


And, if you're the kind of person who likes having your burgers cooked for you (guilty!), then check out this great website that helps you get 20% off your favourite selected burger joints around the city this Thursday #NationalBurgerDay!

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