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I feel like World Photo Day is a perfect opportunity for me to show you that I do actually practise what I preach when it comes to saving money on an everyday basis!

So, last week I decided to document all the ways I managed to save by giving things a bit of extra thought and making some small changes. It made me make a concerted effort and get back into some good habits.

1. Bargain Shopping


Ok, technically this is not exactly saving money (in the sense it’s not a necessary spend) but these two were on sale at my local charity shop and I got them for 4 quid. So REALLY it’s a bargain! Winter will be here before you know it, and that’s a season for nice whiskey in nice glasses. Charity shops or second hand stores can yield some great bargains if you're lucky, so they're always worth checking out.

2. Public Transport is the Way Forward


I went for a few goodbye drinks with a friend the other day after work (2-4-1 cocktails, making savings!) and instead of taking the train I left a little extra time and got the bus instead. It takes an extra fifteen minutes but it’s less than half the price of the train, so I felt a bit smug about that.

3. Walking to Work

Here’s a nice shot of my new birthday trainers. Instead of getting the bus to work I’ve started walking there and back. It’s only 2 miles and it’s saving me £15 a week by doing it. It’s also good exercise… it's also technically my only exercise.

4. Shopping Locally


Roped my friend into going to the market with me on Saturday morning, and I think I’ve actually been converted. What started off as an experiment for the blog has actually saved me a fair amount of money on my fruit and veg shopping this week. It’s meant I’ve had to plan my meals ahead, which stops impulse spending, and the produce is great quality for a fraction of the price, as well as all being farmed locally.

5. Embracing Leftovers

Nice shot of my pasta leftovers. I cooked extra at dinner last night so I could bring the rest in to work for lunch. Pasta is cheap and filling and it saves me money by getting two portions out of one meal each time I cook. It's also cheaper than the lunch options I have available to me at work. (Clearly vegan pasta and broccoli is not for everyone, but you catch my drift).

6. Saving Electricity


Very involved photo of me turning off the light as we left the office to go to our team meeting. No point leaving the light on if no one is in! Technically not exactly saving me money, but it’s a good habit to get into. The Telegraph reports you can save up to £84 a year by turning off your lights at home.

7. Embracing the Hand-me-Down


My housemate was throwing out loads of clothes last week and taking them down to the charity shop. I managed to jump in there and grab a few cute things before she did! This top is great for work and it means I didn’t have to buy a new one. It’s also practically like new because she has A LOT of clothes.

So there you go, a walk through my savings this week in pictures!