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The 17th of August is ‘Get Smart About Credit Day’. Credit is a necessary part of today's financial world, and the quicker you understand it and learn to make it work for you, the better placed you will be to make informed decisions about what credit is, and isn't, worth taking on.

If you need inspiration on where to go to get educated about credit, we've put together a list of some places you can start looking.

1. Take a course in personal finance

By educating yourself you’re taking back control. Many may balk at the idea of paying money to take an official course on how to manage credit, but the more you understand the better placed you are to make informed decisions.  

You will have a better understanding of how to manage your own finances, and will gain a financial skill set that will set you up for good choices in the future. No one will be able to pull the financial wool over your eyes again!

2. Youtube

Youtube is a goldmine of free information, and there are many professional channels and presenters out there who give online seminars and talks on every single topic you can think of.

They’re free, informative, and you can watch them numerous times. You are also able to search for the exact thing you are looking for, as opposed to more traditional seminars which are more likely to cover broader more generalised topics. Just be discerning in your choices and make sure that the channel is offering genuine advice from experienced experts.

3. Advice from your bank

Since the crash, high street banks have become much better at issuing credit advice and offering constructive assistance if you get in contact with them asking for help. Check to see what your bank can offer you as one of their customers.

HSBC have contact numbers you can phone in order to set up a face to face meeting with one of their experts, as well as links to independent experts such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, and the StepChange Debt Charity.

Lloyds Bank also offer assistance with budgeting, guidance for students, as well as listing contact numbers you can call in order to set up meetings with one of their financial experts if you are experiencing trouble and need advice.

4. Challenger companies

Challenger companies, like Oval Money, are companies who wish to disrupt the status quo of a particular industry, and who have an agenda for change and improvement that goes beyond the conventional focus on only profit. Many challenges companies in the finance and fintech sector offer more than just a product, they are also focused on education and assistance too.

Oval, for example, wishes to educate its users as well as offering them the tools they need to improve their financial wellness. Its blog offers savings tips and attempts to elucidate on many more difficult areas of finance, whilst its Oval Coach section allows its users to set and complete a variety of fianncial challenges that help promote good financial habits and helps set them up for a better financial future.