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How to be an Oval Champion

We are always looking for new Oval Champions that help us spread the message of the importance of financial education?
We seek pioneers who love to share our content, write articles for our blog and contribute to the product through insightful feedback!?

You'll receive £5 credit for every new friend introduced. The more friends who try us, the more credit will be added to your account!!
Through the app you can see your unique Give £5, Save £5 invite code see here the rules. By sharing this code, you will accumulate in your digital savings account £5 for each user that becomes an Ovaler (and your friend will also save £5!). What’s not to like?!


There are 3 levels of Oval Champions that we will reward with Oval love and treats:

Oval Affectionate:
refer up to 10 new Ovalers
Oval Royalty:
refer up to 20 new Ovalers
Oval Hero:
refer up to 50 new Ovalers

What are our Oval Perks

1. Give us ideas & suggestion!

As an Oval Affectionate, you'll have the unique opportunity to participate in the generation of new features! You are the ones on the ground using our app, so you know best about what new features we can develop to make it even better for you.

2. Be the first & be branded!

As an Oval Royalty, you'll have the previews of all new features we will launch. This ‘first look’ opportunity gives you a chance to get ahead of the saving game.
You will also get your own Oval Money t-shirt and mug… don’t pretend you’re not excited about that; everybody loves a t-shirt no one else has!

3. Visit Oval Money HQ!

As an Oval Hero you'll be part of our team on Linkedin and you'll be invited to our office in Turin - yes, flight & accommodation included ? You’ll have an opportunity to see the nerve centre where it all happens.

What do we expect from our Champions!

1. Share Oval <3

Stay informed: read our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media. You'll receive event updates, the latest news and information about fintech, big data, money saving tips and much more and share with your community.

2. Contribute!

Any feedback on Oval is very important to us, so all reviews of the Oval app in the app store and google play store are welcome. Join us on our focus groups to participate in product roadmapping and be part of our selected beta testers team for new releases.

3. Want to write on Oval blog?

Whether you are a financial expert, a researcher, a student, a freelancer, or any other Ovaler, and you want to share your thoughts or experiences, the Oval blog is here to welcome your stories ;) Share your personal experience with financial management apps or simply your tips on how to save money. Your posts will be shared not only on the blog page and social media, but also inside the Oval app ;)

4. Want to organise an event?

Tell us what you'd like to do, where, and when. We'll review your submission and give you all the materials you need to plan it.

And now, check out this video we found extremely inspiring and relevant for what we do and, especially, how we do it!! Take control of your money and #BeMoneyWise ?☀?


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