Show me ten quid and I’ll show you ten great things you can do with it!

Having fun doesn’t need to break the bank, let me prove it to you…

1. Eat great new food at Borough Market

Borough Market is the oldest fruit and vegetable market in London. It’s full of new pop ups, established food carts, and tempting little morsels for sale that you won’t find in any other corner of this ten million strong city.

2. Drink a cocktail at the top of the Shard (best view in London!)

It will set you back £15.95 to go up to the viewing gallery of the tallest building in the UK (and the fourth tallest in Europe!). If you’re anything like me the idea of a glass of wine in one of their sky-high bars sounds like a much better plan. It’s nearly as high so the view is still breath taking and a glass of pinot grigio in Aqua Shard will set you back exactly a tenner.

3. Get a coach to a new town for the day

London is not the only city in the UK, despite what popular culture may lead you to believe. For as little as five quid you can get a coach from Victoria Coach Station to the historic cities of Norwich, or Winchester, or take a trip to the liberal, arty, beach town of Brighton. That still leaves you a fiver for a portion of fish and chips when you get there!

4. Go to a yoga class

Healthy body, healthy mind”. Look around for deals on yoga or pilates taster classes around the city, in local community centres or gyms, and partake in an hour of relaxation of the mind and toning of the body.

5. Buy a vintage book at the Portobello Road Market

This market goes back more than 150 years and has a whole host of treasures hidden away in its different stalls and shops. I love looking through second hand books – I always end up walking away with some mystery title that no one’s ever heard of. Some of them have even been great reads!


6. Picnic at Primrose Hill

If the weather is good, pop into your local supermarket and buy a few olives, some humus and chips, and take your picnic up to the top of Primrose Hill. It’s another beautiful view of London but this time in a far more relaxed setting. It’s a beautiful quiet spot often forgotten about in the heart of London!

7. Hire a Santander cycle and explore London

A great way to see London cheaply without having to march to the drum of public transport routes and timetables. Choose when and where you want to go, and once you’ve finished just drop your bike off at one of the many handy bike racks stationed all over the capital!

8. Go on a London walking tour

No matter how well you think you know it, in a city this size there is always a surprise waiting around the corner! Walking Tours can either be free or you can get great deals on niche walks from as little as a tenner. The tour guides will take you round a part of the city you don’t usually frequent, and tell you stories that will make you see the city in a whole new light.

9. Chinatown – hot steamed buns!

I have three words for you; hot. steamed. buns. Not being funny, but I love Chinatown, and due to rent increases there is a very sad, very real, possibility that it won’t always be with us in the place and form we know it now. So jump on the tube to Piccadilly Circus and go explore it whilst you can. You can get a whole range of amazing authentic dishes for a whole range of prices. I recommend shelling out a few quid and buying a hot steamed bun from a street vendor. They are unreal.

10. Southbank centre

I can’t praise this place enough. Any time of day, any day of the week, there is something happening here; an orchestra, a talk, a play, a workshop, and most of them free. It’s a place that celebrates and facilitates the growth of art and culture in the heart of the city. Go and indulge yourself, learn something new, and if you have any money left over go and have a glass of wine in one of the many bars along the Southbank afterwards to talk about what you've just seen!

And finally... you could always take your precious tenner and put it into your digital savings account ;)

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