Steps are saving rules that are applied to your spending. The more people start using Oval, and the more you interact with the app, the smarter our suggested Steps will become!

How do you set-up Steps?

Easy, there are 3 types of Steps that allow you to set money aside in your personal secure digital savings account:

1. Round-ups

Rounds-up your transactions and transfers the difference to your digital wallet. Example: Spend £1.60 on coffee and accumulate £0.40 in your savings wallet.

2. Percentage

Transfers a fixed percentage of what you spend on selected categories to your digital wallet. Example: Spend in "Home & Family" accumulate 10% of the transactions in your savings wallet.

3. Fixed Amount

Transfers a fixed amount, set by you, to your digital wallet every time you spend on the category of your choice. Example: Spend in "Food", accumulate £1 in your savings wallet.

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