Ready to be an Ovaler?

Follow 4 simple steps to get you up and running with your Oval Money app:

1. Update or Download the App

download the app alt alt and start running with your Oval Money app

2. Register your details

and link your bank account to Oval. The app will guide you through a simple and 100% secure process. Remember: ALL YOUR DATA IS PROTECTED AND ENCRYPTED WITH THE HIGHEST STANDARDS.


  • Your bank name - if we do not have your bank in the system let us know. We are adding new banks all the time and will make sure to make it a priority
  • Your online banking login details that might include a username and password and some other personal key. WE NEVER STORE THIS INFORMATION AND WILL ASK ONE TIME TO LINK YOUR ACCOUNTS TO OVAL AND TRACK EXPENSES AUTOMATICALLY
3. Set up the direct debit mandate

This way Oval will transfer the amount you have saved every week from your bank account to your secure digital saving account (through our partner Mangopay) weekly. The mandate can be paused at any time and the money can be always withdrawn from the digital saving account back to your bank account at any time.


  • Your IBAN number for your main bank account OR
  • Your Account Number and Sort Code for your main bank account
  • The Address associated to that account
4. Go through our initial setup and choose your settings

including if you would like a conservative or medium saving approach.

Then select your first few STEPS that help you save by putting some money aside on your digital saving account and are triggered by your habits. You can always add more STEPS, share them or modify them at any time.

If you want to find out more, download the app alt alt and write to us through our Help and Support section in your Profile.
For any further information about Oval Money please visit our Faq section